Veracity Asset Management Group Announces the Introduction of Veracity Connect

Veracity Connect, collaborative platform

Veracity Asset Management Group is pleased to introduce our newest service offering, Veracity Connect, an innovative way to proactively manage critical spares. Veracity has partnered with organizations from across North America to allow us to match your equipment specifications to new and reconditioned, warrantied spares in the marketplace.

In the event of a critical failure, our unique service ensures that a suitable spare has already been identified. Veracity Connect will not only find you the equipment but can also ensure the logistic details (freight, customs brokerage) are in place to get the equipment to your location.

Veracity Connect is a cloud based service that promotes a collaborative approach to critical spares management. Veracity Connect helps utilities balance reliability, cost and risk, by ensuring that internal critical spares are identified and by providing a system wide view of available spares. Veracity Connect allows members to individually manage critical spares and collectively share critical spares across the province, region or country.

Veracity Connect allows LDC’s to identify areas of risk with respect to critical spares, while also optimizing overall capital spend to minimize risk. Collaboration creates an industry wide pool of spare utility equipment and assets. This network of spares may reside amongst utilities, industrial end users, equipment brokers or OEM’s. Achieving visibility of spares from many different sources can lower the overall future cost to maintain spare equipment, allowing utilities to control costs while maintaining reliability.

In addition to providing access to critical spares, Veracity Connect is a collaboration tool that allows utilities and industry partners from across Ontario and North America the ability to share knowledge, technical insights, ideas and best practices. Veracity Connect can help foster effective collaboration among engineering, operations and procurement groups from multiple utilities, allowing you to combine resources and competencies.

Contact Veracity today to learn more about Veracity Connect ( and the Power of Collaboration!

Veracity Asset Management Group


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