Unlock the POWER of Collaboration with Veracity Connect

Unlock the POWER of Collaboration

Enhancements in efficiency and greater economies of scale can be achieved by effective collaboration among Utilities, OEM’s, Resellers and Industry Partners. Veracity Connect gives you the tools you need to achieve the benefits of collaboration and virtual horizontal integration.

Veracity Connect, collaborative platform

The benefits are numerous:

  •   Immediate access to Critical Spares and preplanned Logistics
  •   Connect to Utility Members
  •   Connect to supply chain partners to efficiently source equipment and parts
  •   Get accurate reporting and understand your critical assets

Source critical spares through Veracity Connect

For electric power utilities, transformers are one of the most vital components of the network. In the event of network failure, access to spare transformers is a key element in recovery efforts. In fact, the marketplace for used, reconditioned, rewound, remanufactured and new surplus transformers exists because of several critical challenges to the market for new equipment. The most critical challenge is availability. Many transformers are not available from stock and may take weeks to deliver. Large transformers may take months. Generation, Transmission and Distribution transformers come in so many different sizes, voltages, and physical configurations that there is seldom immediate stock. The sudden need for a transformer typically has drastic consequences if an immediate replacement cannot be found.

Veracity Connect consolidates the spare inventories of utilities, brokers, resellers, OEM’s and industrial end users, allowing you to access critical spares from across North America. Veracity Connect allows you to quickly locate the equipment you need, help reduce surplus stock and identify replacements for no longer manufactured items.

Veracity Connect allows members to leverage asset intelligence to ensure reliability, mitigate risks, and offset capital expenditures.

Contact us at 1-866-694-1252 and learn more about how Veracity Connect can help you manage Critical Spares!

 Also check our website: http://www.veracityamg.com/veracity-connect

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