Veracity presents its collaborative platform “Veracity Connect” at the OCE Convention May 12-13th

Check out our collaborative platform Veracity Connect at the Convention today and tomorrow! Veracity ConnectVeracity Connect is a web based tool specifically for the energy sector that helps them take a proactive approach to Critical Spares Management. Using Veracity Connect, distribution, transmission and generation companies can access available equipment from fellow Connect members, Equipment Resellers, OEM’s and Major Industry.

Once a company has joined with Veracity Connect, Veracity takes that companies fleet of critical equipment and goes out to the marketplace to source available spares that match that companies fleet specifications. Veracity provides regular updated reports both on matched spares and those critical assets that spares are not available. This information can them be used to assist with capital equipment planning as well as provide relevant information for risk mitigation planning.

Check out Veracity Connect’s web page! Contact us at 1-866-694-1252 to share your needs in terms of critical spares and find out how we can help you manage them!

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