“Rejuvenating” Equipment, an Alternative to Buying New

Veracity Asset Management At the beginning of April 2014, AREVA Inc., leader in nuclear energy, reached an agreement with the company Novinium to “rejuvenate” the underground cable infrastructure of its nuclear plants. AREVA makes the decision of not buying brand new cable.

An article of Electrical Line Magazine* tells us more about it: “Novinium’s cable rejuvenation technology restores the full dielectric strength of a cable to a like-new condition and extends the life and reliability of these cables for 40 more years at a fraction of the cost and time it takes for traditional cable replacement.”

Here are some of the advantages:Veracity Surplus Asset ManagementBuying new is not wrong, but using “used” assets is not wrong either, especially when the efficiency of these assets is proven and when the bottom line does not always allow a full replacement of the equipment.

Novinium has been in the cable rejuvenation field for over two decades and estimates that its clients have saved overall $1 billion through rehabilitating programs.

What are your thoughts? Should considering “rejuvenating” or “reusing” be an essential factor in managing assets and surplus equipment?

Learn more about surplus asset management and how it can help your company: http://ow.ly/wNaNQ

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* http://electricalline.com/areva-and-novinium-provide-cable-rejuvenation-services-nuclear-industry?utm_source=EL+Newswire++April+29%2C+2014&utm_campaign=EL+Newswire+04%2F29%2F14&utm_medium=email

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