Veracity Connect Presentation at the Utilities Standards Forum, Guelph, June 11th, 2014

Veracity Asset Management Group is proud to introduce Veracity Connect to the Utilities Standards Forum Members in Guelph, June 11th, 2014!

Utilities Standards Forum (USF) is a volunteer-based corporation owned by 50 Ontario electricity distributors that serve over 1.9 million customers.  Its primary purpose is to develop system design standards approved to Regulation 22/04. USF also offers member representatives a mechanism for collaboration and networking on other common technical challenges and regulatory requirements.

Veracity Connect is a web-based service available 24/7. Veracity Connect is designed to help utility companies manage critical spares. Transformers, breakers, switchgears are examples of critical equipment and parts. Our platform helps companies anticipate and find available critical assets in case of failure or aging infrastructure, serving their primary goal of providing high-quality ongoing operations and exceptional customer service. Another key aspect is to unlock the power of collaboration among the utility industry members, by sharing expertise and asset intelligence.

 Overview of Veracity Connect:

  • Identify critical assets
  • Get immediate access to available critical spares pools
  • Connect with industry members and supply chain partners
  • Share knowledge and anticipate economic and regulation changes
  • Access parts and inventories lists
  • Gain in economies of scale and efficiency
  • Take advantage of preplanned logistics
  • Get advanced reporting and an extensive overview of spares management

Veracity Connect Utilities Critical Assets

Click on our logo to learn more about  Veracity Connect, collaborative platform

or check our LinkedIn Showcase page Critical spares Utility asset management

Learn more about USF: USF logo2

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