May Digest: Catch up on our May blog posts!

Veracity Asset Management Group May DigestHere is the summary of our May blog posts:

Veracity Connect, collaborative platform Unlock the POWER of Collaboration with Veracity Connect and learn more about our collaborative platform for critical spares management for North American utilities:

discovery-2013-ontario-centres-of-excellence Our Veracity Team was in Toronto to attend Discovery, the Ontario Centres of Excellence 2014 Convention at the beginning of May:

Veracity Asset Management Group LinkedIn We recently launched our LinkedIn Showcase page for Veracity Connect:

Veracity Asset Management “Rejuvenating” Equipment, an Alternative to Buying New: Reconditioning equipment and parts is an alternative to sending them to landfills.

Veracity Newsletter Investment Recovery Critical Spares

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Veracity Connect Article Highlight: Sustainability, Investment Recovery and Supply Chain: Find out how investment recovery is the missing link of your supply chain, and a pillar in your sustainability policy.

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