CHEC Selects Veracity Connect for Collaboration Project

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March 9th, 2015 – Veracity Asset Management Group, the category-defining Mutual Aid & Critical Spares Management solution provider, announced today that the Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts Association (CHEC) will conduct a pilot project utilizing Veracity Connect to foster collaboration and enable members to create effective shared services models.

The Veracity Connect solution provides utilities of all sizes with Emergency Preparedness tools to proactively prepare for and collaborate during disasters, both large and small. Veracity Connect was developed with input from a number of different public power utilities, State Associations and Joint Action Agencies.

The implementation of Veracity Connect will allow CHEC to enhance the benefits it provides to its members. The Veracity Connect features include Mutual Aid Management, Critical Spares Management, Collaboration Tools, Asset Management, Mapping Module and a Member Marketplace.

About Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts

CHEC, an association of 15 local distribution companies (LDCs) is modeled after a cooperative to combine resources and competencies to best meet the requirements of the changing electrical industry and provide a high standard of locally supplied customer service.

CHEC has allowed members to exchange ideas on a variety of issues facing utilities, to initiate combined solutions and to share insights on what worked and what did not. The cooperative format allowed a “think tank” environment to be created between members.

About Veracity Asset Management Group

Veracity is a consulting, services and software firm focused on providing unique solutions to Utilities and Utility Associations across North America.  Veracity has developed Veracity Connect, a proprietary technology that allows member Utilities and Associations to access and share information related to mutual aid management and critical spare equipment.

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