Veracity and Power Delivery Alliance Announce a Strategic Partnership to Provide Industry Leading Storm Response Services

Veracity Connect, the category defining collaborative platform for utilities, and Power Delivery Alliance (PDA), the leading aggregator of storm response services, have entered into a strategic partnership to offer a single point of contact for utilities to access storm response services. The agreement aligns two companies with the expertise to bridge the gap when Mutual Aid resources are not available or adequate. The partnership will give the Veracity Connect member utilities the ability to secure resources required to restore power quickly and efficiently.

Veracity Connect makes it possible for utilities to manage and coordinate Mutual Aid requests and responses. When Mutual Aid cannot handle the situation Veracity Connect enables utilities communicate directly with Power Delivery Alliance for resources and equipment. The combination of the Veracity Connect platform and Power Delivery Alliances’ ability to deploy crews wherever and whenever they are needed, offers utilities an effective mechanism to enable a quick, efficient outage restoration.

“We are very excited about the opportunities this partnership creates for Veracity Connect member utilities across North America,” said Graham Nelson, CEO, Veracity Connect. “PDA’s storm response capabilities are an excellent complement to the Mutual Aid programs currently in place among our members. This partnership brings together the technology of the Veracity Connect platform with the services provided by PDA, providing utilities a key differentiator in their ability to get the lights back on.”

“Power Delivery Alliance has been an innovator and leader in providing aggregated storm services to all types of utilities since 2009,” said Greg Fox, CEO, Power Delivery Alliance. “Our collaboration with Veracity Connect enables us to expand our service capabilities, making it easier for utilities to access resources and equipment.”

About Power Delivery Alliance
Power Delivery Alliance is the leader of an extensive consortium of engineering, construction and vegetation management companies specifically designed to assist utilities in emergency power and powerline restoration situations. We have established partners throughout the US providing proximity for rapid deployment to your location.
We have created a close knit alliance that mobilizes on a dime and brings thousands of resources to bear in an emergency situation. Our partners are often overlooked as national responders due to size. PDA brings them together to deliver you a unified, one-call, emergency workforce that is available 24/7/365. We are prepared to assist you with everything from damage assessment to the long-term endeavor of bringing your facilities back to industry standards.

Contact PDA – 828-305-7876 –

About Veracity Connect
Veracity Connect is the category-defining, cloud based, collaborative community for Utilities, providing a platform for more than 1,100 Utility members to manage mutual aid, critical spares and surplus assets. Veracity Connect member utilities can quickly and confidentially share industry knowledge and expertise to leverage best practices, mitigate risks and ensure network reliability and resiliency.

Contact Veracity – 866-694-1252 –



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