Collaborating for Emergency Preparedness


Sault Ste. Marie, ON, July 18th, 2016

Veracity is excited to announce the addition of Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts (CHEC) to the Veracity Connect Utility Community. The CHEC group represents 15 local distribution companies in the Province of Ontario and was organized to combine resources and competencies to help its member utilities meet the changing environment of the electrical industry.

CHEC is recognized as the premier cooperative in the Province and has extended its vision to proactively join more than 1,100 North American Utilities. Using the Veracity Connect platform, the CHEC Group will be better positioned to plan and respond to emergencies including critical equipment failures and extreme weather events. According to Gord Eamer, Chief Operating Officer of CHEC, “Veracity Connect will give CHEC members instant access to fellow utilities, storm alerts, critical equipment and resources for storm response. It builds on the collaborative vision that CHEC represents and we look forward to sharing resources with the Veracity Community.”

The current members of CHEC include:

Centre Wellington Hydro Ltd.; COLLUS PowerStream Corp.; InnPower Corp.; Lakefront Utilities Inc.; Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd.; Midland Power Utility Corp.; Niagara on the Lake Hydro Inc.; Orangeville Hydro Ltd.; Orillia Power Corp.; Ottawa River Power Corp.; Renfrew Hydro Inc., Rideau St. Lawrence Distribution Inc.; Wasaga Distribution Inc.; Wellington North Power Inc.; West Coast Huron Energy Inc.

CHEC assists its members in servicing their customers by delivering the benefits of consolidation without the loss of individual control. CHEC helps its members achieve scale, without relinquishing accountability, and ensures a cost efficient solution for improving operating and delivery standards within their communities. Please visit for more information.

About Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts (CHEC)

CHEC, an association of 15 local distribution companies (LDCs) is modeled after a cooperative to combine resources and competencies to best meet the requirements of the changing electrical industry and provide a high standard of locally supplied customer service.

CHEC has allowed members to exchange ideas on a variety of issues facing utilities, to initiate combined solutions and to share insights on what worked and what did not. The cooperative format allowed a “think tank” environment to be created between members.

About Veracity Connect

Veracity Connect is the leading collaborative platform for emergency planning and resources. Veracity Connect member utilities are directly linked to fellow utilities, suppliers and contractors with the ability to request and respond to emergency assistance. Veracity Connect also provides full reporting capabilities, helping storm response coordinators track and manage internal and external assistance.


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