Veracity & CommPower to Provide Utility Specific Weather Alerts

Sault Ste. Marie, ON and Camarillo, CA, October 1st, 2016

Veracity Asset Management Group (Veracity), the leading provider of collaborative solutions to the utility industry, today announced a partnership with Communications and Power Engineering, Inc., (CommPower), the premier provider of weather alerting & notifications, to offer the iNOTiFY system to the Canadian utility market.

With CommPower’s iNOTiFY system, Veracity extends its comprehensive suite of services and solutions to help utilities prepare, plan and respond to severe weather events.

When dangerous weather conditions threaten a Utility’s infrastructure or crews, iNOTiFY provides for warning days in advance. This includes ice, wind, lightning, temperature and more. Utilities can set their own trigger levels and can be notified with a rich set of graphics that can be used as part of the decision making and preparedness process.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to provide iNOTiFY to the Canadian Utility Market”, said Graham Nelson, CEO, Veracity. “Over the last year, CommPower, Veracity, Environment Canada and the Canadian Electricity Association have worked together with the common goal of improving the advanced weather warning capabilities for Canadian Utilities, including predictive damage assessments caused by ice accumulation and high winds, plus lightning strike warnings for crews working outside. We are very proud to report that our efforts have proven successful, and we now have a Canadian specific weather/warning service.”

CommPower, Inc., CEO Kathy Nuckles said “the agreement allows for further expansion of CommPower’s iNOTiFY messaging system, which is currently used by Environment Canada in support of Canada’s Weatheradio program. Utilities worldwide face tremendous challenges when it comes to ice storms and other severe weather events. Our partnership with Veracity will allow us to provide enhanced decision support and preparedness capabilities to Canadian utilities of all sizes.”

About CommPower
CommPower specializes in the development of software solutions for secure messaging and weather/warning broadcast services. Since inception in 1985, CommPower has faithfully served defense and civil government communities (domestic and abroad) providing a suite of specialized messaging, gateway and dissemination products and services.

CommPower’s most recent accomplishment is its iNOTiFY weather/warning system, which is the result of 17 years of service and collaboration with the U.S. National Weather Service and its NOAA Weather Radio program. Though initially built to serve a national mission, this capability was commercialized in 2012 and adapted to provide personalized and customizable weather, warning and collaboration services to governments and organizations of any size.

The Electric Utility community joined the iNOTiFY family in 2015. Since this time, they have had significant influence over the iNOTiFY capability set which now includes: crew lightning warning services, predictive ice accumulation damage alerts, custom displays per the Utility type (distribution, transmission, and association), and most recently, Canadian weather services.

iNOTiFY shines thanks in large part to our extended family of partners and dedicated users. We look forward to where this family takes us in 2017.

About Veracity Asset Management Group

Veracity is a consulting, services and software firm focused on providing unique solutions to Utilities and Utility Associations across North America. Veracity has developed and owns Veracity Connect, a proprietary technology that allows member Utilities and Associations to access and share information.

Veracity Connect is the category-defining, cloud based, collaborative community for Utilities, providing a platform for more than 1,300 Utility members to manage mutual aid, critical spares and surplus assets. Veracity Connect member utilities can quickly and confidentially share industry knowledge and expertise to leverage best practices, mitigate risks and ensure network reliability and resiliency.

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