About Us

About Us

Veracity Asset Management Group specializes in surplus management and strategic asset management.

Valuable surplus exists within all organizations. Finding that surplus is the key to unlock its true potential. Often due to resource constraints, the management of surplus is ad hoc and fractured leading to less than optimal recovery values.

Veracity’s team of specialists has the experience and networks to assist companies and help them understand this missing link of the supply chain. Our services will provide immediate payback opportunities. In fact, a well run surplus management/Investment Recovery (IR) process will return at least $20 for every dollar spent.

Veracity can align your organization in order to effectively implement a Surplus/IR program and support your team throughout the process. Alternatively, Veracity can be your Surplus/ IR Department allowing you access to all of our services.

What does it mean to have Veracity as your IR Partner?

  • Full review of all corporate dispositions
  • Internal redeployment opportunities
  • Maximize sales revenues from surplus
  • Full audit trail of asset dispositions
  • Manage scrap metal sales
  • Handle corporate donations and requests
  • Source surplus

Monthly reports on cost savings, revenues, scrap tickets, certificates of destruction and full audit trails.

Check our full range of services and see how we can help unlock the true potential of your assets at http://www.veracityamg.com/services!

Veracity Asset Management Group also offers utility companies a cloud-based solution for critical spares management: Veracity Connect.

Veracity Connect, collaborative platform

A Proactive Approach to Critical Spares Management

Access to spare transformers is critical to managing the risks associated with a transformer failure. With aging infrastructure, threats of physical vandalism and extreme weather events utilities must assess their supply of critical spares. Due to long lead times and cost of these units, it only makes sense to adopt an industry wide spares program.

The marketplace for used, reconditioned, remanufactured and new surplus transformers exists! Veracity Connect consolidates the spare inventories of utilities, brokers, resellers, industry and OEM’s. Distribution, transmission and generation companies can access available equipment and understand what is available before they need it. This information will enhance risk mitigation strategies, formalize sharing/pooling strategies as well as assist in capital budgeting.

Veracity Connect Asset Management UtilitiesHow it Works:
Veracity takes your company’s fleet of critical equipment and goes out to the marketplace to source available spares that match the fleet specifications. Veracity provides regular updated reports both on matched spares and those critical assets that spares are not available. This allows you to understand where your risks are and is a starting point to develop strategies to reduce the risks! Veracity will work with you to determine preferred spares and provide pricing as well as logistics support.

Using Veracity Connect, substation data can be stored, including equipment listings, nameplate data, photos, site restrictions and emergency preparedness plans.

Are you a utility company or an energy-industry partner? Contact us at 1-866-694-1252 or info@veracityamg.com to get more information about Veracity Connect and how this strategic asset solution can help you maximize the potential of collaboration across the industry.

Veracity Connect Newsletter Investment Recovery


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