Collaborative Economy & Asset Management: an Environmental and Financial Reward

In the article “Zero Marginal Cost Society: Unlocking Wealth & Cities Too, But Beware the Regulatory Wrinkles”*, April Rinne, Chief Strategy Officer at Collaborative Lab, explains what collaborative economy is, a philosophy shared by Veracity Asset Management Group.

What is “Collaborative Economy”?

Collaborative economy is clearly not just a trend. New business models “promote more efficient utilization of resources”. Reducing purchasing costs in the supply chain is what every business is looking for. Sustainability and environmental risks are becoming a key factor that influences business decisions. But how can we reconcile bottom line and reduced impact on the environment?

Surplus asset management Veracity

Among several opportunities, such as crowd-funded projects and car-sharing, managing idle assets is a rewarding way for companies and public organizations to give a new life to idle equipment and material, and turn them into a new financial stream. Cost reduction and cost avoidance become easily possible, as it costs less to buy a piece of equipment, used, but in good shape and reliable, than to buy a brand new unit for a high price.

Surplus Asset Management

This is why we can link the “collaborative economy” concept with Veracity’s business core: surplus asset management and critical spares management. A key principle of surplus asset management, or “investment recovery”, is the 7 R’s: Reuse, Recondition, Return, Re-sell, Reclaim, Recycle and Remove. The same way we go through our garage and decide to reuse, sell, give or recycle our old DVD players or skates, managing idle assets is relatively similar for a private company or a municipality.

Collaborative economy Veracity asset management group

In the frame of an Investment Recovery program, our Veracity Team can help your company successfully identify, evaluate and choose the right disposition solution for each asset. Let’s say that you have surplus equipment in your warehouse. The holding costs are high and you look for a complementary financial stream. Veracity helps connect the dots, analyze and offer the best options for each idle asset. It can be redeployed to another company branch that needs them, avoiding the cost of buying a new unit. Or it can be sold in an efficient manner to maximize your return, or recycled, avoiding ending up in the landfills.

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