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Plant decommissioning Energy Nuclear Oil GasDecommissioning Projects: Why It Costs So Much And Takes So Much Time

Supply Chain, Investment Recovery, SustainabilityArticle Highlight: Sustainability, Investment Recovery and Supply Chain

Veracity Connect Critical SparesCritical Spares Infographic

Veracity Connect Utility Critical AssetVeracity Asset Management Group Announces the Introduction of Veracity Connect

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Asset Redeployment

Some of your assets are sitting in your warehouse, costing you more than what you think (ask your accountant!). Getting rid of it is a solution, redeploying the equipment to another company branch is an alternative to consider first.

The following checklist can help you ensure an effective redeployment:

Asset Redeployment Infographic Utilities

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Collaborative economy and idle asset management: an environmental and financial reward

Investment Recovery: the Missing Link in the Supply Chain

Debunking 5 myths of Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Assets – Infographic

Determine the best disposition solution for your surplus assets – Infographic

 Learn more about our Critical Spares Management Solution for Utilities: Veracity Connect, collaborative platformMake electrical equipment procurement easy and efficient. Locate a matching power transformer before a failure occurs!

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Decommissioning Projects: Why It Costs So Much

Plant decommissioning Energy Nuclear Oil Gas

If you like being up to date in terms of news in the energy sector, or if you live close to a power plant, you must have heard the word “decommissioning” more than once.


Decommissioning is the administrative and technical process to remove something from an active status (Wikipedia). Applied to industrial facilities, it means disabling and dismantling any active industrial units until no hazardous material or danger remain.

Decommissioning commonly concerns power plants, especially nuclear, pipelines, offshore rigs, tanker ships, military aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. Nuclear decommissioning is the “process whereby a nuclear power plant site is dismantled to the point that it no longer requires measures for radiation protection” (Wikipedia). A more detailed definition can be found on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission website.

Regulation compliance

Decommissioning projects are submitted to strict regulations and standards, such as:

Offshore oil gas platform rig Veracity

Decommission Steps

These steps are based on a typical offshore rig decommission, but the general process can be applied to power plants, ships and submarines.

  1. Project management: review of contractual obligations, engineering analysis, operational planning, contracting.
  2. Engineering and planning.
  3. Permitting and regulatory compliance: consulting firms can assist in obtaining required licenses and permits.
  4. Facilities preparation: flushing and cleaning tanks and pipes, getting metal units ready to be lifted.
  5. Disabling industrial units.
  6. Equipment removal.
  7. Materials disposal and site clearance: these two final steps require pre-decommissioning and post decommissioning surveys, identification of debris which could interfere with dismantling operations, and test trawling to ensure that the area is free of debris and ready.
  8. Site release.

Nuclear plant decommissioningNuclear Plant Decommissioning

For nuclear plants, three methods are available:

  • Reactor dismantling and decontamination, allowing the land to be used again;
  • Safe storage: the plant is monitored and taken down once radiation has decayed;
  • Entombment: a coffin or dome made of concrete and steel is set on the radioactive components. The Tchernobyl nuclear plant is a typical example of entombment. The land can be used once radiation has decayed, which can take decades depending on the level of radiation.

Offshore rig decommissioning oil gasTime frame

Projects require several years, from assessing the need to decommission a power plant to dismantling the last industrial unit. For nuclear plants, it can take up to 60 years in case of safe storage or unlimited time if the site cannot be decontaminated.

Why decommissioning?

The main reason is financial. It is sometimes not worth economically to upgrade power plants, offshore oil platforms, tankers and nuclear submarines. Alternative technologies exist and may prevail over updating current facilities.

Safety will also lead companies and governments to close facilities. For nuclear plants, government commissions assign operation licenses for an average period of 40 years. Nevertheless it is common to extend the plant’s life to 60 years or more. Safety is a key reason, but is sometimes put aside for economic reasons.

Dismantling decommissioning industrial site plantWhat happens to removed equipment?

  • Working units are redeployed or sold as is, where is.
  • Metals are scrapped and recycled.
  • Hazardous substances are sent to specialized processing facilities to be reclaimed or decontaminated.

To learn more about disposition options, read our blog post about the 7 Ways To Dispose of Your Surplus Assets.

 How much does it cost?

Even though the operating company is required to set aside funds throughout the plant’s or industrial facilities’ operating lifetime, it is common to see costs increase step after step. The decommissioning cost sometimes exceeds the cost of the plant when it was purchased. The spent fuel –nuclear waste – is sent to specialized waste disposal facilities and buried underground. No methodology has been found to process such hazardous waste yet.

Veracity can assist your utility or industrial company retrieve value from idle or decommissioned equipment. We can help you implement a tailored investment recovery program which will free up money for your bottom line. According to the Investment Recovery Association, $1 put in the investment recovery brings at least $20 dollars back to the bottom line. This is no magic, but a combination of a dedicated and skilled team and an effective network.

Decommissioning Project ValueWe assist you in:

  • Setting/improving Policies and Procedures to manage the end of life cycle of corporate assets. This starts with a well-defined policy, asset release form and follows key procedures to maximize the asset disposition process with full audit trail that provides risk mitigation to avoid environmental liabilities.
  • Sending feet on the ground inventory teams that can efficiently capture asset data and catalog the assets to provide internal corporate wide visibility of available surplus.
  • Sending the surplus back to the market through our network with the purpose of maximizing the value you recover.
  • Developing scrap management protocols to maximize return on scrap as well as reduce corporate exposure to environmental liabilities.

Veracity Surplus Asset ManagementContact us at 866-694-1252 or We are located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, with solutions available for the North American market. Visit our website at


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Current Decommissioning Projects:

Exelon: Company dismantling Zion nuclear plant is running out of money

Entergy: $1.24B Is Needed to Decommission Vermont Yankee Nuclear

Letters: Good luck to Leshinskie on decommissioning of Vermont Yankee

San Onofre nuclear power plant dismantling will cost $4.4 billion, take 20 years

Chance for one last tour of Spondon’s Celanese factory before it is bulldozed

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Nuclear Decommissioning by Wikipedia –

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October Digest

We hope you enjoyed a great Halloween weekend! October is already gone, but let’s take time to review the news and blog posts from this past month.

October Digest Utilities News Asset Management PowerBlog Posts

Veracity Is Part of the CDMN’s Outbound Soft Landing Program

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Your Veracity Connect Newsletter – Volume 6

Equipment Criticality


North America

Pacific Gas Electric Utilities PG&E and Florida Power & Light Sign Unique Cross-Continent Mutual Aid Agreement “To help ensure that extra resources are available to repair damage and restore service safely and more quickly following a widespread emergency, PG&E and FPL recently signed their first mutual aid agreement with another electric utility on the opposite side of the country.”

Power Transmission Utilities“Transforming the Grid: Top 5 States for Transmission Projects in 2015” by energyacuity

Duke Energy PowerDuke Energy set to auction off a million items from shuttered Crystal River nuclear plant “Need a giant heat exchanger that looks like giant pipes aboard a Navy ship — large enough for a grown man to crawl through?”

Environmental Protection AgencyUp or down? The impact of EPA’s Clean Power Plan on electric rates

Solar Flare EnergyT&D World compiled some of the best “Electricity Hoaxes, Rumors and Scams”

SaskPower Canada Energy GenerationSaskPower to cut ribbon on Boundary Dam carbon capture project “Billed by SaskPower as the world’s first and largest commercial-scale carbon capture operation of its kind, the project outfits part of the coal-fired power station with a mechanism to capture carbon dioxide emissions and transport the gas through a steel pipeline into storage deep underground.”

NationalGrid utilityNational Grid customers to see 37% higher rates this winter “the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) approved a rate increase for National Grid that will raise household customers’ bills by an average of $33.”

Federal Energy Regulator CommissionFERC, NERC Initiate Review of Electric Industry Recovery and Restoration Plans “The objective of the review is to support registered entities in ensuring reliable restoration of the bulk power system following a reliability event.” Veracity Connect can help source spare transformers quicker and for a better price:

NERCAre key NERC initiatives the missing link to reliability and cybersecurity? “NERC currently has two major initiatives under way in the reliability standards and enforcement areas to which electric industry participants should pay particular attention.”

Nuclear Power GenerationNuclear Matters warns about premature plant closings “The analysis reminds us of the very real impact that premature nuclear shutdowns can have” noted Nuclear Matters’ co-chair former Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH).”

Nuclear Power PlantNuclear operators seek to extend life of reactors to 80 years

RG&ERG&E Receives $2.8 Million from Federal Grant Program for Improvements at Hydroelectric Generating Station

Brookfield Renewable PowerBrookfield Renewable Power’s (Canada) CHP decommissioning “We’re hopeful that commercial considerations will improve and allow us to restart operations at some future point, but we do not have any such plans at this time.”


SiemensSiemens delivers switch panels worth €90m for GIS in Saudi Arabia “Siemens is to deliver 111 switch panels for installation in five gas-insulated high-voltage switchgear in Saudi Arabia’s northern Al-Jouf region. The order is worth €90 million.”

Distributed Energy ResourcesThe essential next step for distributed energy (a transparent market that includes end users) “Distributed Energy Resources, or DER, is a trend to watch. DER adoption across the country, and in hot spots like California and the North East in particular, is growing.”

Coal Plant EnergyNew report on rising coal plant retirements “approximately 13 percent of coal-fueled generating capacity has either been retired since 2012 or is planned for retirement by 2025, which surpasses the previous estimates in 2012.”

Power Transformer200 transformers distributed through southwest Nigeria where electricity supply is inadequate

Exelon Power GenerationExelon to add 2,000 megawatts of natural gas generation

ABB TransformerABB takes $30M Bangladesh power grid job “the country’s leading transmission utility, to provide four new turnkey substations and help expand six others, to help meet the growing demand for electricity.”

ABBABB: India a “dynamic market“ for power systems ““India is among the largest single markets for power systems,” global head of ABB’s power systems division, Claudio Facchin, said in an interview with Business Standard.”

Middle East PowerABB shifting attention from China to Middle East

EDF energy_RGB-exclusion-zone‘Go ahead’ for £16 billion nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset “The environmental group’s legal adviser Andrea Carta said: “This is a world record sell-out to the nuclear industry at the expense of taxpayers and the environment.”


Power Gen InternationalPower-Gen Conference, Dec 9-11, 2014 – Orlando, FL – Will you go?

Procurement ProcessHow Technology Can Enable Decentralised Procurement “We now have the ability to monitor spend, reach out to suppliers globally through online RFP and manage supplier relationships through technology. Therefore, the theory goes, procurement activity can continue to be devolved while the information remains central.”

utilitiesUtilities Executive Forum and Roundtable: November 18-20, 2014

Transmission-and-Distribution-World-LogoTransmission & Distribution World October Issue!

Electrical Safety AuthorityHazardous Homes: The New Serious Game from the Electrical Safety Authority:

Startup UtilitiesHere’s Why You Should Consider Buying Enterprise Applications from a Start-up Startups offer “easy-to-use technology with relatively simple but powerful integration options.” Ours is Veracity Connect:


Company News

Michigan Municipal Electric AssociationWe are proud of being the new associate member of the Michigan Municipal Electric Association! Learn more about us:

Technology-Cloud-Computing-Energy-Savings-in-the-Cloud-IISUse the Cloud to Efficiently Source Critical Spares – Veracity Connect

North American Rural Electric Cooperative AssociationRevolutionizing the way Rural Electric Cooperatives approach Critical Spares Management:

Investment RecoveryWhat we do for our Clients: Investment Recovery & Critical Spares Management

Google+ CircleGoogle+ is more than a SEO tool. This is an easy way to stay in touch with our company:

NERCBeyond NERC: best practices for worst-case scenarios Plan for recovery as well as prevention

Decommissioning PlantRecovering value from a plant decommissioning? Learn more about one of the projects we carried out for one of our clients: Decommissioning can also be a rewarding process in the frame of an effective surplus asset management program.

Critical Spares Transformer 10 MVAAre you a Utility company? Leverage a pool of Critical Spares through the Power of Collaboration – Veracity Connect

Surplus Assets Did you know that 2% to 5% of a company’s entire assets are considered as idle or surplus?

UtilitiesUtilities, are you ready for the worst? Source critical spare equipment via Veracity Connect!

Rural Electric CooperativeRevolutionizing the way Rural Electric Cooperatives approach Critical Spares Management:

Transformer Failure Fire Veracity Asset Management Transformer leaking PCB for 7 yrs utilities we can help you properly dispose of idle equipment

aging infrastructure transformerAging grid assets? How to know which equipment to replace and when Get some help from Veracity Connect:

Critical Spare Parts VeracityDoes it take too long to source critical spares like transformers? We can help you – Veracity Connect

Veracity Connect Asset Management UtilitiesWe specialize in critical spares management and asset disposition. We help companies such as utilities on a daily basis to source or dispose of critical equipment.

Contact us at 866-694-1252 or We are located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, with solutions available for the North American market.

Learn more about our Critical Spares Management Solution for Utilities: Veracity Connect, collaborative platformMake electrical equipment procurement easy and efficient. Locate a matching power transformer before a failure occurs!

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Investment Recovery: the Missing Link in the Supply Chain

Investment Recovery Veracity Asset Management UtilitiesInvestment Recovery (IR), also called Surplus Asset Management, is defined as the practice of recovering the highest value of assets considered as surplus or no longer supporting the company’s operations. IR is does not appear in Michael Porter’ s Value Chain model, as this analysis focuses on one-way activities, from procurement and inbound logistics to the sales and service activities. For a reminder, Michael Porter, Harvard Business School Professor, identified in  model the activities that create value for the company. These activities are categorized in primary activities and support activities in Porter’s model:

Michael Porter Value Chain Surplus Asset Management Investment Recovery

IR professionals consider their activity as the missing link of this value chain model by recovering the value of unused assets.

Through its primary and support activities, a company will buy assets, such as industrial equipment, fleet vehicles and other materials, with the ultimate goal to maintain and/or increase its margin. The procurement manager plays a key role in acquiring these items at the best rate and quality.

At a certain time, the company will change its equipment, fleet or other critical assets. We often forget what happens to this piece equipment no longer in use. The first reflex will be to either park it in the warehouse (high holding costs!), or if it is considered as obsolete, in the laydown yard, or worse, in the landfills. The company may not be aware of the intrinsic value of these idle assets.

IR professionals aim at recovering this hidden value that these assets represent. The support activity of procurement can be actually turned into a complementary financial stream for the company. The return can be surprisingly high. The last studies from Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies or Arizona University show that $1 spent in the investment recovery process at least brings $20 back to the bottom line, in terms of cost avoidance, cost reduction, employee productivity and proceeds of sales.

Surplus Asset Managers bring to their clients transparency and legibility of surplus assets through efficient practices. After identifying and evaluating the assets, the IR professionals and the company will choose the best option for each of them, with a clear audit trail.

These options are:

  • Redeploying the asset to another branch of the company, avoiding the cost of purchasing a new unit;
  • Marketing and selling it;
  • Scrapping it;
  • Donate it;
  • And if any of these disposition methodologies cannot be applied, the asset is sent to a waste management company with the priority of preventing negative environmental impacts.

Learn more about these methodologies options: 7 Ways to Dispose of Your Surplus Equipment

A company that has a solid IR program will distinguish itself from its competitors, as the costs are better controlled, revenues from idle assets are maximized and environmental and corporate exposure risks are mitigated.

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Value Chain Model from

Collaborative Economy & Asset Management: an Environmental and Financial Reward

In the article “Zero Marginal Cost Society: Unlocking Wealth & Cities Too, But Beware the Regulatory Wrinkles”*, April Rinne, Chief Strategy Officer at Collaborative Lab, explains what collaborative economy is, a philosophy shared by Veracity Asset Management Group.

What is “Collaborative Economy”?

Collaborative economy is clearly not just a trend. New business models “promote more efficient utilization of resources”. Reducing purchasing costs in the supply chain is what every business is looking for. Sustainability and environmental risks are becoming a key factor that influences business decisions. But how can we reconcile bottom line and reduced impact on the environment?

Surplus asset management Veracity

Among several opportunities, such as crowd-funded projects and car-sharing, managing idle assets is a rewarding way for companies and public organizations to give a new life to idle equipment and material, and turn them into a new financial stream. Cost reduction and cost avoidance become easily possible, as it costs less to buy a piece of equipment, used, but in good shape and reliable, than to buy a brand new unit for a high price.

Surplus Asset Management

This is why we can link the “collaborative economy” concept with Veracity’s business core: surplus asset management and critical spares management. A key principle of surplus asset management, or “investment recovery”, is the 7 R’s: Reuse, Recondition, Return, Re-sell, Reclaim, Recycle and Remove. The same way we go through our garage and decide to reuse, sell, give or recycle our old DVD players or skates, managing idle assets is relatively similar for a private company or a municipality.

Collaborative economy Veracity asset management group

In the frame of an Investment Recovery program, our Veracity Team can help your company successfully identify, evaluate and choose the right disposition solution for each asset. Let’s say that you have surplus equipment in your warehouse. The holding costs are high and you look for a complementary financial stream. Veracity helps connect the dots, analyze and offer the best options for each idle asset. It can be redeployed to another company branch that needs them, avoiding the cost of buying a new unit. Or it can be sold in an efficient manner to maximize your return, or recycled, avoiding ending up in the landfills.

Think about your idle assets and their hidden value. Contact us at +1-866-694-1252 or, and find out how we can help you unlock their true potential!

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Determine The Best Disposition Solution For Your Surplus Assets

You identified machines, parts or vehicles that are no longer supporting your company’s operations. What questions should you ask yourself to properly dispose of them?

Disposition Surplus Asset Veracity Asset Management

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you are able to get a maximized value from your obsolete equipment, vehicle or other item.

A “no” to all these questions only offer one solution: sending the item to the landfills. However, it is a decision by default and you should be able to find a better alternative.

A third party specialized in investment recovery / surplus management, such as Veracity Asset Management Group, can help you analyze and identify the best disposition option for your surplus assets. You can delegate the whole disposition process to the third party and only worry about what you will do with the cash back to your bottom line.

Go further in details with the 7 disposition methods for surplus assets:

Do you need help recover value from idle assets or are you curious about disposition management? Contact us at or 1-866-694-1252.

7 Ways to Dispose of Your Surplus Equipment

Veracity Asset Disposition ManagementIs sending obsolete or surplus items to landfills the only solution companies use to dispose of them?

We often forget that there is a full range of disposition means. Similar to what we do with our garage sales or eBay auctions, there is plenty of choice to manage your surplus assets.

Veracity Asset Disposition Management

Let’s detail each of the seven options, often called the 7 R’s, from the most rewarding solution on:

1) Reuse

Veracity Asset disposition managementAlso called “redeploying”, this is the most rewarding option for a company. Relocating equipment to another branch avoids buying a new unit and saves on procurement costs. It is the best stewardship from an environmental and social point of view.

2) Recondition

Also referred as “refurbishing”, it is the method of putting used equipment and parts back in service. Of course, it is less expensive than buying new, and allows the company to have products in like-new state.

3) Return

Veracity Asset disposition managementEquipment and parts can sometimes be returned to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or the vendor for cash or credit value. An increasing number of OEMs offers “buy-back” solutions, as they do not want their products to end up in landfills either.

4) Resell

Veracity Asset disposition managementIdle assets can be sold again on the open market to resellers. Auction platforms are the most common tools used to sell used machinery and spares, but trades and bartering are other possibilities. Donating is also considered as a reselling option, as it benefits your corporate citizenship and involvement in the community.

5) Reclaim

Chemicals, hazardous substances and metals can be recovered in a responsible and environmental way, and used again.

6) Recycle

Veracity Asset disposition managementNon-ferrous and ferrous metals, plastic, paper, and glass can easily be scrapped, recycled and sent back to the raw material streams. We tend to forget the value of raw materials… think about copper thieves! Even waste is definitely not wasted, as it can be burnt for energy (“biomass”).

7) Remove

Surplus assets are sent to the landfills at the expense of the company. It tends to be a decision made by default by a number of companies: it is easier to throw something away to the dump or laydown yard, than looking for a better-adapted solution… But it is the most negative solution from an environmental and corporate reputation perspective. Fortunately, this is the last resort choice. It is rare when nothing can be recycled and properly disposed.

Managing surplus assets is indeed a critical aspect of the supply chain. Choosing the proper disposition means for each asset requires times, skills and networks. This is why investment recovery professionals like Veracity partner with companies to implement an efficient disposition management program. A well-run program can easily return at least $20 for $1 spent and helps the company get closer to sustainability.

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